The perfect solution for marketing with sharing one link for almost every business location. 

360 Virtual Tour Company in India

We specialize in delivering high-quality 360-degree Virtual Tour Photography for your property, and business location to showcase on your Websites, Google Local Maps, and other multimedia presentations. Transform your store into a Virtual Shopping Platform for your buyers. We can add plenty of hotspots to show a closeup of product images, e-commerce links for orders, product videos, and voice-over/music.

Our 360-degree Virtual Tour is a collection of High-Resolution Panoramic Photography. With this kind of 360 Virtual Tour Photography, your website visitors can virtually see, explore, and walk around your ultimate facilities of existing property interiors, location, and exterior.

Virtual Tour Photographer - required by all businesses

Virtual Tour Photographer services are becoming standard for all types of organizations. Whether it would be Hotels & Resorts, Real-Estate, Tourism, Warehouse, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Showrooms, Industrial Locations, Residential Properties, Showroom, and other various industries. Everybody wants to showcase their business location in the best way to their prospective clients to showcase the strength of business offerings.  

Google Trusted Photographers in Delhi NCR – verified & listed by google

We are also verified & listed as Google Trusted Photographers for 360-degree Virtual Tour Photography under Google Street View Trusted Photography Company in Delhi & NCR.  We can upload 360 photographs to your Google webpage or website.


We are available for a shoot all over India and Abroad for Google Street View Virtual Photography projects required by various business clients.

Virtual Tour of Aerial View with Drone for Hotels, College Campus and Big Properties of Real Estate.

Drones can be used to have 360 Virtual Tour of Aerial Views for Hotels and other Big Properties of Real Estate or Campus. We can club aerial views and ground-level indoor virtual tours to make one presentation of the overall area.  Any kind of Information can also be clubbed into the tour to make it a standalone Marketing tool for Hotels, College campuses, and Real Estate. we are also equipped with such offerings.

Virtual Tour like Matterport Smooth Transition - Virtual shopping and business info with contacts

For the sample, please click on Bathline Showroom for advance advanced-level virtual tour with all company info, images gallery, video information, virtual shopping window possibilities contact information google location map, and much more information.

The images, video, pdf files, markings, hotspots, and other information you prefer to have can be embedded in this kind of virtual tour.

360 degree virtual tour photographyWe shot 360 tour photography with a high-end Pro DSLR Camera and normal wide-angle lens for the best and optically real high-definition images. Using the DSLR Camera is the best way to get maximum image quality for all-natural looks and control the available environment lighting to showcase every aspect of the location.
Our 360-degree photograph is a combination of many small image shoots spherically with bracketing to get the best HDR images.

Check out the video below to understand more about shooting style

360 degree Virtual Tour Photography & 360 Video – amazing to view

For the sample, please click on any images below which will show you its interior and location. You can hire us to get the same services for your location. We serve all over India and abroad.   

360 vr device
360 degree virtual tour photography 1

Shri Hari Productions provides stand-alone 360 virtual tours that you can upload on your website, so no extra server rental cost and the tour becomes your life lifelong property.

What is Virtual Tour & How We Shoot 360 Virtual Tour

  1. We shoot on professional Mirrorless DSLR Cameras with regular lenses,  which create the highest quality images with good dynamic range, and sharp images that you can zoom also to see close details.
  1. 360 Tours remains in your control and remains your intellectual property forever. You can upload them on your website server and share your private link for virtual visits by customers.
  2. No more yearly rentals and no hosting on third-party servers as in the case of software-based tours created by scanning of location, like Matterport.
  3. You can also upload tours on your Google Business Page, we can upload them for you as we are certified Google Trusted Photographers.
  1. Automated tours take the viewer through the space without them having to click anywhere.
  1. Embedded with various kinds of hot spots to connect the panoramas for a self-directed walk-through of the space.
  1. Info hot spots for showing popups with information such as your product order pages, photos, or videos
  1. Add floor plans for quick navigation and overview.
  1. Menu navigation with a drop-down list, thumbnails, controls for moving in and sharing the tour
  1. Ability to add sign-up forms, PDFs, and URLs via hotspots
  1. Ability to have your brand logos and contacts for branding.
  1. Audio can be added as background music


And many more benefits with our standalone virtual tour shoot and built Professionally.

Get in touch for more details and to discuss your project requirements. 

Equipments we use for Shooting 360 Virtual Tour

  1. Camera :
    We Shooting with Fujifilm X-T3 Professional Camera, producing 6240 x 4160 one image size of 26 Megapixels and having 4K Resolution of video
  2.  Lense :
    Shooting with Fuji 10-24 WR mm Normal Wide Angel Lense – which produces the best quality images as per standard among other options. With shooting multiple Rows and Columns for one panorama of 360 degrees and can produce up to 16000 x 8000 resolution of one Panoramic image.
  3. Tripod & Head :
    Carbon Fibre Pro Series Tripod and 303 SPH top-rated & high-end Panoramic Head from Manfrotto.
  4. Software with Licensed Version & Purchased :
    Using PTGui software for image stitching and 3D Vista Pro. Both are high-end software in the industry for producing Panoramas & Virtual tours.
    Also Using licensed Adobe Software’s Lightroom & Photoshop with a monthly subscription.
  5. Mac Computer for Processing :
    Using Mac Studio M2 platform from Apple for processing images & videos.
  6. Working Experience 20 years of Professional Photography & 10+ years of shooting virtual tours.
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