5 Tips to Look Good in Corporate Head Shots!

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When you hire a corporate photographer for Business Portraits, they will make sure that you get the best shots. Nevertheless, you must pose well for corporate headshot photography too. It isn’t in the hands of the photographer only, but also who is getting clicked has to take care about it. You might be nervous about getting pictures snapped or just be conscious in front of the camera. Whatever, the reason is you can learn to overcome it without any efforts. Once you have completed the article rest assured you will be ready to get snapped and the results will be good. 

Knowing the importance of a corporate photoshoot, you should be well-prepared in advance. It’s essential to think about the message you are trying to convey and dress according to it. Depending upon your firm and your profession dress accordingly. Not to forget the significance portraits carry, they help you to humanize your brand.

So, let’s get to know how to prepare for a corporate photoshoot, what to wear, posture and other elements that will give your picture the best impression. 


There are two different types of corporate headshots one is editorial and the other is professional. Editorial headshots are usually taken at the workplace, whereas professional headshots are usually done at the studio itself. 

For a more original and creative approach in the Editorial headshot, you can organise a photo shoot at your workplace itself. The professional headshots are done with a neutral background and special lighting. Hence, it focuses on the subject itself. Such photo shoots are usually done among the large enterprises, which can also be used as your LinkedIn or Twitter or CVs profile picture. Counting on the type of firm you are in decide which suits you the best. 


Smile is the most vital part of the photo shoot. You should be aware of the fact that whether you smile with or without teeth. For a professional photo-shoot, smiling with or without teeth both works equally. 

So, grin whichever way you feel the most comfortable with. Just keep in mind that your grin shouldn’t be a forced one and make it look as natural as possible. Here’s a quick tip, think of something that makes you laugh or smile, it will give you a great smirk. 

3.What to wear

Wear something classic. For men, select preferably a dark color like blue or black or grey. You can even consider wearing some bold patterns or colours, as well as shiny ties, play down on your face and look professional. If you don’t wear a tie, adorn a jacket or a blazer to make it look professional instead of just a floating head. 

For women, you can choose a classic office-wear outfit. Don’t opt for any bold or distracting patterns. Also, a few props here and there looks good. Avoid short sleeves, it may look sloppy and will take the focus from your face. Wear subtle jewellery, not anything that is flashy. You don’t want the focus on jewellery. 

There isn’t a particular rule on what to wear as long as the outfit reflects your profession. 



Body language is the key to a great photo shoot. You should be able to convey confidence to the camera. Keep you back straight and don’t hunch your shoulders. It is advised to not to cross arms or put your hands in your pockets, this gives the wrong message and may make you seem unapproachable. 

If all else fails, you can talk with your photographer regarding your company’s morale, so that they can help you portray them through your body language. 

5.Hair And Make-up

It is suggested to not to dye or cut your hair before the shoot, this rule is very imperative for men. Cause dying of the hair shades can look too vibrant and it usually takes 2-4 weeks to dull down. And for women, it is advisable to keep your hair looking sleek, whether it’s a ponytail or open hair, make sure you look professional in that hairstyle. 

If you want you even hire a makeup artist for your shoot or not. Don’t overdo the makeup a simple tint of it is just as fine. You don’t want your portrait to be unrecognisable. Simply, get ready in an as refined way as possible for your shoot. 


corporate headshot gives your potential customers the confidence to trust you when seeking information about your firm. It assures them there is a real person behind the services that you present. So, to give your organisation a nice outlay, a positive impression, pick an outfit and posture that reflects your company’s values. Above all, simply enjoy and keep yourself relaxed for the photo shoot. 

Taking pictures is never an easy task if you don’t know what you are doing. Therefore, it is essential to first practise the above-mentioned tips. And most of all, hiring a good photography firm is equally significant because they play an active role too. You can hire Shri Hari productions, where we can furnish you with images that are both informative and attractive to the audience for your social media, LinkedIn or your business brochures. Get in touch with us today for your corporate shoot. 

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