Corporate Event Photography is a specialized service that many photographers do not offer considering the high-demand of perfection and top quality by the clients. Businesses now days are very conscious and concerned about their brand promotions and participation in the corporate events.

Therefore, the businesses prefer hiring specialized Corporate Event Photographer. Different corporate functions are covered by the professional photographers such as Annual General Meeting (AGM) Opening Ceremonies, Corporate Functions, Special Events that involve Diners and Cocktails, etc.

Shri Hari Productions is a business that has Professional Photographer who completely understand the needs of the corporate sector. The business covers the complete event starting from welcoming the guests and dignitaries and the closing speech of the business.

Our team is experienced and trained well in the matters of Corporate Event Photography and understands the client’s requirements. We have decades of combined experience as a team in corporate film making. Our team has sound knowledge of VFX (Special Effects), Video Editing, Audio Editing; also we deliver Full High-Definition videos.

We have our own equipment that is latest and in pristine condition. Shri Hari Productions is equipped with professional and top quality digital cameras, accessories and lenses. We deliver high-quality work by capturing the valuable and memorable moments of the corporate functions.

Below Mentioned are the Services Provided by the Shri Hari Productions

Corporate Films – We are a professional corporate film making firm that has a production house in Delhi and offers comprehensive services to the businesses at competitive pricing. We deliver high-quality videos made for different purposes such as safety videos, staff training, customer testimonials, brand and promotional films.

Industrial Photography – Industrial photography is in high demand as the businesses prefer top quality images taken for their manufactured products. These photographs are used on company brochures, website, and other promotional documents.

Corporate Photography – Corporate photography is important for businesses that either startups or established. The corporate photography services cover the corporate team of the company and the events involving them. These photographs are high quality and meet the international standards. Shri Hari Productions offer these services at reasonable rates in the market and the service delivery is on time.

Events Photography – Events are organized at a large level by private organizations or the government that involves the active participation of reputed and established businesses. In certain cases, the startups also participate in the events. Shri Hari Productions has an established team of professionals that offers comprehensive services for the event photography covering the entire event.

Product Photography – Get your products photographed by our professional and get the top grade professional look that makes your products look outstanding compared to your competitors.

Overall, our business offers a wide range of services to the clients without any compromise in quality of work. You will find our work second to none. As a service provider, we believe in meeting and exceeding the client expectation and delivering the promised product at the optimal quality.

Shri Hari Productions offers their service to organizations both government and private in Delhi. The top grade services offered by our organization has made as one of the Premier and Experienced Corporate Event Photographer.