How to Create a 360° Virtual Tour?

If you want to learn more about 360-degree virtual tour photography, I suggest you read on till the last paragraph of this post. Here we will talk about what is virtual tour photography and the step by step guide to making your own virtual tour.

A 360-degree virtual tour is used to display 360 panoramas of an existing location with all the angles included using a sequence of different small still images or video frames.

tour open ground

Though it is commonly used by websites related to computer games, camcorder, and tourism, many real estate businesses now adopt the use of virtual tour. The lifelike effects of virtual tour photography for real estate allow real estate companies to showcase their products in a way that their prospective clients feel like being there in person.

If you want to learn more about 360-degree virtual tour photography, I suggest you read on till the last paragraph of this post.

Virtual tour photography step by step guide

For this tutorial, you need to use a tripod and a 360° camera that can be controlled using an app or a remote and can be able to capture 360° panoramic footage both horizontally and vertically. We will also be using the MakeVT website to create the virtual tour. Needless to say, you will need to register an account.

 –   Find the best location where the camera can shoot the largest part of the room.

–   With the help of a tripod, set up and position the camera in your chosen location. Ensure that the tripod is perfectly level to avoid tilted and imbalanced footage.

–   Once you are done setting up the camera, turn it on and make sure that the app or remote control is connected to it. If you don’t want to be included in the footage, you will need to step out of the room.

–   Use the remote control or the connected app on your smartphone to capture the 360 degrees panoramic shot. Once done, move on to the next room and repeat steps 1, 2, and 3.

–   After shooting the panoramic shot of all the rooms you wish to include in your 360-degree virtual tour, transfer the file into your computer.

–   On your web browser, load the MakeVT website and log in.

–   Once you logged in, you will see the “create new tour” option on the left portion of the screen. Click it.

–   On the text box “Name Your Tour”, enter your desired tour name and then confirm it by clicking “rename”.

–   Upload the images into the website. The site allows you to upload at most 25 images.

–   After uploading all images, click the “Hotspot Editor”

–   Click the panorama of the first room to create the first scene.

–   Make the link to the second scene in order to create a smooth transition from the first room or scene to the next one. To do this, click the following in exact order: + > once the panorama > ? > indicator shape > Select type of hotspot > Transition > Select the destination panorama > Save

–   Do the same process of creating a link for the third and other scenes.

–   Once done, you can proceed directly to publishing your virtual tour. Click the “View, Share, & Export” button, and then the “Publish and view the tour” button.

–   When your virtual tour appears on the screen, click on the link that states “click on this link”.

–   Once open, check and navigate around your virtual tour by moving the perspective around through dragging or clicking. You can also click on the transition icons to move from one panorama to the other.


Congratulations! You now have your first and freshly made virtual tour. You can add it to your website or social media page or anywhere else. Simply copy the virtual tour link by copying the content on the “Direct Link” text box and pasting it into your post.

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