Singing is not a job for me, it is my love– Sunidhi Chauhan

Begin performing her career in local gatherings from the age of 4, Sunidhi Chauhan has been growing vigorously in the music industry. She made her first debut by the age of 12 years with the film Shastra. Sunidhi is an imposing Indian playback singer and has been winning hearts since. The number of the party hit songs, the star has won Filmfare award twice throughout her journey of 25 years!

She remarks “I am glad I have been a part of every change” with Volkswagen Tiguan, Travel and Leisure India (India-South Asia’s Most Influential Travel and Lifestyle Magazine) and Lifestyle Asia India,  she shares her love and journey of music. The lead continues “I have been a part of every process of music” and she has readily accepted and loved each part of the revolution of vocal industry.

You can hear her humming soothing melody at the opening of the cinematography composed by Shri Hari Productions. Her melodious voice is enticing enough to capture attention and her journey recited just after in a few words is very appealing to listen too. 

Her voice is sufficient to seize millions of ears and hearts. Further, the composer states that “I can sing all day long, 24/7 and not get tired of it” which shows her true dedication towards the music industry is boundless.

Sunidhi Chauhan has been appreciated by many companies and magazines for the “liveliest voice in Bollywood”. Her voice is known for its versatility and the quality and the kinds of emotions she brings out when she is performing. She was introduced to music by her father and is influenced by western music. Hence, her songs have a western flavour in them. Her journey is very imperative and having started singing from an early age, she has seen her fair share of changes in the music industry.

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