Photography – Qualities to look for in a corporate photographer in Noida

Headshots are a great way to showcase your company. It is a powerful tool that can bring awareness and create a presence in the real world and also on the internet. Corporate headshots can help all the professionals to create an amazing online presence. Whether its for doctors, lawyers, politicians, actors or corporate executives, business owners, you can make good use of corporate headshots. It is very necessary to take help from a professional corporate photographer in Noida to get good pictures. Do not attempt to take your own headshots. Instead, get in touch with Shri Hari Productions, we will help you with all the backgrounds, lighting and poses. We strive to provide our customers with a complete corporate event photography service at an affordable cost. We will certainly provide you with creative corporate pictures accompanied by quality and efficiency.   Corporate photography is not like a family picture. They differ because they emphasize some of the following characteristics:


With the help of proper lighting and equipment, you will be able to get the pictures that are perfect for your website. Proper lighting makes a huge difference if they are properly used. A good corporate photographer can use a combination of diffused lights to accent certain contours of a person’s face while removing the flaws.  If you are shooting outdoors, a photographer will have an adequate portable studio with sufficient lighting equipment to get the job done. 


Posture affects your pictures a lot. It is very necessary to stand or sit up tall to project confidence and professionalism. Albeit with a professional photographer, you will get guidance on your poses, head position and expression to bring out the best in you. Simply trust them and believe in yourself. Even though photographers are not miracle workers, they know some ways tweak someone’s pose to create lines and angles that evoke warmth, power, poise and energy.  With them, even those who are camera conscious will pose without any issues and resulting in stunning headshots. 


Despite everything, what you are wearing matters a lot when heading for corporate photography. Although the focus is on your face, it is very essential to dress properly. Depending upon your profession, make sure all your employees are dressed up in proper attire. Mostly, for corporate headshots, a dark suit, a tie is considered appropriate.  Keep in mind to avoid anything that is too fancy or bright or too revealing. Plain solid colours and mid-tones are recommended. For women, a modest neckline and a piece of jewelry are generally advised.

4.Solid Colors Only

This one of the most basic answers to everyone who is confused about what to wear for corporate photography. In the headshot, especially, the only thing that matters is what you are wearing above the waist. However, there are certain facts that you should keep in mind like avoid patterns, prints, or jackets that you may be wearing. Go for simple and plain top wear. The complicated pattern draws attention away from your face to your clothes. Here, the goal is to focus pictures in your eyes, so that you have an opportunity to start building your trust. 

5. Quality 

Yes, you can easily get pictures clicked, in today’s time but what matters is it worth a shot? So, with the help of a corporate photographer in Noida, it will get refined and professional images that will have a lasting impression on the audience. At, Shri Hari Productions, we possess the right kind of equipment and lights, the techniques and the talents to deliver the correct shots that will dazzle the audience. 

6. Correct Angles

The next thing you should consider incorporate photography is the correct angles. Headshots should have depth in the background, all the while bringing focus on your face, it gives a sense of place and dimension. If you are shooting with a plain wall, put one shoulder on the wall and turn your back at a slight angle away from the wall. This will allow the picture to give a nice sense of depth in the photograph. One tip is to keep the background extra simple and use straight black or white colour. A traditional 30-degree angle chin tilt angle is timeless, you can streamline your headshots by creating a power stance. 

7. Looking Confident 

One of the best qualities of a good photographer is that they will keep you at ease, even when you are nervous about taking pictures. They will help you relax and get comfortable and provide confidence to the point where you will enjoy the shot.  Howbeit, taking headshots can feel incredibly invasive and uncomfortable. There are several tricks that help them to engage, and thus taking authentic shots. Simply, try smiling, laughing and not smiling at all. Most of all, keep in mind, to have a great posture too.  If you have done your research, choose a photographer you are comfortable with and style yourself in a way that’s put together to create a perfect look. Hence, you will be able to stake through the headshot process without much trouble.  Shri Hari Productions is located in Delhi, but we also provide photography services in many metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city. We will reach you. Even when you are looking for a corporate photographer in Noida, simply get in touch with us!

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