Many couples prefer to start their pre wedding photo shoot at a place where their story started, be it an old monument or a coffee shop where they used to meet often. There’s no doubt that pre-wedding pictures are one of the best things that you can get as a couple.

The team of Shri Hari productions understands that you are entering into a new world of togetherness. Our pre wedding photo shoot service is designed to increase chemistry between the couples and help them get comfortable with us before actual wedding day. We believe that the best photo is the result of the cooperation between the couple and the photographers. In this way, we try to understand and observe your best posture, moves, creative angles, poses and comfort zone which will ensure superior quality wedding photos that you will hold precious memories for the days ahead.

Currently we are Delhi based photographers but we love to explore new locations, with our good photographic vision we can capture best images using the surroundings. We specialize in both random romantic clicks and take photos in story pattern. It could be acreative vision matching your story line, which could be close to your heart.

Call now at 9811085472 to discuss creative visuals about your love story shoot and you can anticipate that we will comfort you completely to get the best outcomes.