Looking for a Professional Portrait or Corporate Headshots Photos

Whether it is for print media, company brochures, billboards, Business websites, or social media, we will help you make a great portfolio to showcase your corporate personality.

Shri Hari productions bloom to offer Professional Portraits to emerging businesses. And to be known as one of the leading professional photography studios. We thrive to offer the best services for Business Mans / CEOs / CMDs /Political Leaders , Celebrities, etc. which include business portfolio portraits, headshot portrait photography or lifestyle photography.

Best Portraits Photographer for Corporate Executive Portfolio packages

The packages we offer are all very transparent and inexpensive priced when you understand the lofty standards that we set. Our portfolio photographer has a vast wealth of experience in fantastic high-end photography. Hence, it is safe for you to say that your business images are in excellent hands.

For more information on your requirements, you can get in contact with us. Even if you are looking for business portfolio photography at your office in New Delhi, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida. we are here to help anywhere in other cities too.

White Background Headshot Portrait for linked-in profile

Portraits against a white background are mostly preferred & can be used on any website or social media. 

A solid white background is one of the most popular options for a headshot background. Solid white creates a simple background that ensures that there aren’t any distractions behind your subject.

Choose your required style for Corporate Business Profile photoshoot.

  • Editorial Portraits with Office Interior as a backdrop.
  • Plain Background  Formal Portraits – to be shot in your office location with a complete studio setup.
  • Casual Portraits for the leadership team at 0utdoor or in the office area.
  • Candid Shots of the team at work- office culture
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