Many companies say that it is enough to choose a professional photographer to have super pictures, better communicate with its customers and thus, increase its turnover.

So, while professional photography makes it possible to personalize and professionalize its communication but there are rules to respect, and all the photographers are not equal (but it is another subject).

Thinking that using a corporate event photographer and letting him control your image is not dangerous is taking the risk of wasting time, money and massacring your communication.

But do not panic! To help you cope with this, we deliver you the three essential elements to define and provide to your corporate photographer.

1:- Choose A Particular Strategy

If you have decided to appeal to a corporate event photographer, it is certainly because, for your communication, you need images that match you.

The problem is that the word “communication” means today a lot of things…

There are, however, two main lines of communication.

Do you want beautiful photos to make your company known or to develop your notoriety? In this case, it is a purely external connection, turned towards people who do not know you or little and that we will have to seduce. Generally, you know your target, and your corporate event photography must be correlated with it.

You want to federate your team or your community with a photo shoot that corresponds to it? So you will have understood that this is a communication that relies on people who already trust you and that it will just need a little help for them to disseminate the photographs that you will provide them. In the second case, you know your ambassadors, and the photographs must seduce them to make them want to talk about your company.

Apparently, a global communication strategy will use these two modes of communication which complement each other completely. But for accurate shooting, it is up to you to decide which corporate event photography strategy you want to adopt.

2:- What is Your Particularity?

You do not want the photographer to arrive on the day of shooting and do not know in which direction to guide your collaborators for their portraits or in which direction to direct its report to include in your axis of communication?

In This Case, You Should Be Able To Answer These Questions:

What are the values of my company?

How would I like the audience to perceive my business?

Why Did You Decide To Hire A Professional Photographer?

Once you have answered this question, it will be much simpler for the photographer to know what attitude your collaborators should adopt on photographs and what aspects to value in your company (people, machines, places, etc.).

3:- Define The Use of Photographs

It is necessary to pose with your photographer all the applications that you envisage for the pictures that it will take. We do not realize a portrait for Linkedin in the same way as an image for press relations or a website.

If you want to use your corporate photography budget effectively, we strongly advise you to think in the following way: a shoot/use. It will not stop you from using the same photograph several times, but it will allow you to target your need, to have a powerful message conveyed by your photos and not to end up with pictures certainly professional but completely useless!