Tips For Corporate Event Photographers and Engagement Photographers

Corporate Event Photographer

Corporate event photography is a huge business and is capturing the market is an enormous and highly lucrative manner. Corporate event photography is extremely competitive. There are various fields and assignments which cover a wide range like: –

  1. Dinners
  2. Conferences
  3. Trade shows
  4. Marketing events
  5. Political events.

The corporate world hosts celebrations, award dinners, product launches, public relation events as well as employee functions like holidays, parties, company picnics etc. here are a few basic tips for a corporate event photographer: –

1:- Know about the client and the assignment well: – Every client has their own idea so the photographer must understand them first and then go ahead adding on his suggestions.

2:- Try to pre shoot the venue: – It gives you a chance to spot on the shoot locations, idea about the lightning etc.

3:- Try to focus on the whole event: – Not only focus on the speakers on the stage but also on the décor, catering, sound/video, etc.

4:- One must avoid eating shots: – It makes the people uncomfortable to shoot when they are eating during their break.

From the corporate event photography to the real estate photography.  Real estate markets are heating up and so is the demand for real estate photography. Capture beautiful homes, with superb design, architecture and lightning. Tips and tricks for a real estate photographer: –

1:- Must have good camera equipment: – Camera, lenses and tripods are much required to capture good photographs. The camera should be well equipped to take great shots of the real estate.

2:- Approaching the property: – One must find the best angle and best light to capture the important features which need to be highlighted in the real estate. Each feature of the house should be emphasized from the surroundings like beautiful gardens, pools, shops etc.

3:- Next comes the interior photography: – Photographs of the main rooms like living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, master bedroom etc. they should be impressive as they are the best perspectives the client looks for.

4:- One must be creative in photography: – Making a bland and an average looking house look like a mansion with good angles, composition, color matching, exposure blending. This is the main job which a real estate photographer should excel in.

Engagement Photography Tips

Engagement photography helps show the couples spark with each other and creates a widespread awareness of their upcoming wedding. The main objective for an engagement photographer should be the creative, entertaining, interesting, love struck and most importantly satisfy the couples with the clicks. As a photographer, here are a few tips and points he must keep in mind while doing the engagement photography: –

1:- Must preview the couple: – Try and meet the couple before the event to understand the chemistry and personalities of the couple.

2:- Keep them connected: – The engagement photograph should speak a lot about the couple therefore, one has to make sure to bring out the best clicks and keep them connected.

3:- Try to use burst mode: – For engagement the couple is quiet nervous so the photographer must click the photos in burst mode to just capture the right expression and moment.

4:- Try not to just focus on the face: – In engagement photography one has to include the couples photos and expressions which are depicted from the face but one must try to give new poses and that would make the photography even more innovative and interesting.

The most important point for an engagement photographer is to keep talking to the couple. Have fun with the couple, suggest ideas and poses. Create a warm and friendly atmosphere for the bride and groom. Come up with new creative and fantastic ideas to make the moments even more precious and special for the couple.


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