If you are like most of the moms out there, you surely have already thought of capturing candid photos of your toddler but haven’t done so for varied reasons. Or perhaps, you have already attempted to take some photos of your child using your smartphone or high-end digital camera but haven’t achieved the output you are expecting.

We, at Shri Hari Productions, understand what you are going through. Shooting toddler photographs is indeed a daunting task and a challenging thing to do and using just the latest high tech camera is certainly not enough unless you are already satisfied with subpar images.

Leave this special mission to us. As a team of professional photographers who have been clicking the camera for decades, we can be able to capture candid shots of your child unaware while at play.

Nothing dazzling can pass our lens and our creative eyes. We will surely be able to find the right angle to best capture your little one’s genuine smiles and natural charm and bring out the best in him.

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